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Constant Current LED Strip

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Constant Current LED Strip

Our constant current led strips are using the constant current IC(constant current transistor) in each group to keep the same current,so as to reduce the voltage drop of the strips,

the strips can be much longer pcs than the constant voltage strips with less power wires,but also can use the normal constant voltage power supply as the driver,and the same connection as the constant voltage led strips.

It is good choice for the led lighting projects with less power wire,low voltage and safety usage,longer lifespan and easy installation.

dc24v safe low voltage with the long distance connection and 50000h lifespan,can be use to replace the high voltage led strip lights(high voltage is not so safe and just can be use in one year).

We have developed the cc 2835 led strips with 60led/m,120led/m,60led/m cc rgb led strip,and cc rgbw 4in1 led strip lights.

For our 24v cc 2835 60led/m strips can be as long as 25m with totally the same color,even as long as 50m when adding power on both side of the strips.