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LED Package Workshop

    Smart and controllable led lighting is the tendency in the coming further,especially as the development of the smart lighting,smart home.With more than 7 years experience in the addressable led smarting lighting area,we have a full technical reserve with the digital led,we have independent developed our digital leds successfully.For the moment,we have success developed many types of 5050 digital rgb leds,as the LC8812 with the capacitor inside the led,LC8822 LC8823 fast signal smd led,as well as the dc12v LC8808 pixel rgb led.

   Currently there are over 70 employees, and a fabrication area of more than 4,000 square meters.Our company has advanced LED manufacturing facilities such as LED Chip and IC solid machines,wire bonding machines,gel machine,high temperature dehumidifier,high precision light beam splitter,automatic tape machine, and professional test equipment,All the products are CE certified and  RoHS compliant.

    We have developed many type of different type of digital led chip with different function,the LC8812, LC88812B is the signal wire addressable with cheaper price and great application in the lighting products,as the digital led strip,and led matrix display,and LC8812B can compatible with sk6812,ws2812b,apa104,ucs1903 led protocol.The LC8822 is same function as the apa102,sk9822 leds which has two data wire:one data cable and one independent clock wire. LC8823 is our newest developed led chip with 30MHZ PWM frequency,and signal transfer speed can be as high as 26KHZ,it is almost the fastest fastled in the market,it is good for the big project with lots of pixels and need massive data transfer and updates.
    The most innovative product is our LC8808 DC12V individual pixel LED,not only the leds can work with the dc12v power directly,but also it is dual signal led:even have some led broken,the other led chain will still working without any influence.
    For the addressable RGBW led chips,we have produce the LC8812B-RGBW,and sk6812rgbw 4in1 led chips, the with color cct can be warm white,nature white and cool white for different options.The digital side led is a type of special leds for some special applications,lc8812b 4020 digital side led is a groundbreaking design for the direction of emitting color, further expanded the application of digital led in the PCBA area.

Video of Addressable LED Chip Package Workshop