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DC12V Individual Pixel LED LC8808

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Newest Develop DC12V Individual Pixel LED LC8808

LC8808 is our new developed dc12v individual program controllable pixel LED chip,with our new circuit inside the led,it can work with the dc12v power supply directly,

so it can be easily used in the led lighting products,also can be use in the pcba as indicator lights.

It is 6pin 5050 smd led

Working power supply voltage: 12V

Output channel: 3 channels 

Signal: series (SPI)
Signal transmission method: return to zero code / breakpoint resume
Gray scale: 12bits

Controlling protocol:LC8808 or UCS1903
Channel output current: 15mA
Product features: series LED constant current drive chip, return to zero code protocol, support breakpoint resume transmission function, unlimited cascade, single point single control, working voltage 12V.
Built-in GAMMA correction function, PWM refresh frequency 6KHz.

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