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H803TV DVI Controller

H803TV DVI Controller
The maximum control ability:400,000 pixels


H803TV DVI Controller

I. Introduction

H803TV is through the DVI / HDMI interface to transfer data on-line master,With the features of fast transmission speed, control more LEDs.

Can run independently separated from the matching computer software, so you can connect a variety of operating system computer, but also can connect any device with DVI / HDMI output interface . Connect to the computer when using the main copy mode, of course, also supports multi-monitor expansion mode and dual monitor mode.

Sub-control are the H801RA and H801RC. Supporting software is "LED studio software" V3.97 and upper version.

Currently support driving chip as LPD6803LPD8806LPD1882LPD1889LPD6812LPD1883LPD1886DMX512HDMX APA102MY9221DZ2809SM16716 SM16711UCS6909UCS6912UCS1903UCS1909UCS1912WS2801WS2803WS2811INK1003TM1812TM1809TM1804TM1803TM1913TM1914TM1926TM1829TM1906TM1814BS0901BS0902BS0825BS0815LY6620BS0825LD1510LD1512LD1530LD1532TLS3001TLS3002DM412DM413DM114DM115DM13CDM134DM135DM136MBI6023MBI6024MBI5001MBI5168MBI5016MBI5026MBI502774HC5956B595TB62726TB62706ST2221AST2221CXLT5026ZQL9712ZQL9712HVHEF4094A8012 and so on.

2. the performance characteristics

1、 The maximum control ability of the controller is 400,000 pixels, four output network ports, each network port control up to 100,000 points.Four network ports can independent configuration and can control the different chip lamps, each network port connected up to 255 sub-controllers, so each H803TV can connect up to 1020 sub-controllers.

2、 Use the DVI video distributor, multiple master controller partition control, the number is unlimited, the actual control ability depends on the DVI output device, such as the maximum controller of a double significant computer is 3.84 million points.

3、 Supports multiple resolutions :1024X7681280X7201280X9601280X10241360X7651360X10201600X9001600X1200.

4、 The screen refresh rate is set to 60Hz

5、 Each H801RA sub-controller can control up to 3412 pixels and support one or four ports; each H801RC sub-controller can control up to 8192 pixels and support four or eight ports. Support any shape of LED lamps.

6、 Support single, dual channel lamps, also supports the space and out of order of special lamps.

7、 Using drive-free USB transfer control data, 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems are also used.

8、 The transmission signal use the fast Ethernet protocol with a nominal distance of 100 meters. Through the IP converter and photoelectric converter, making the transmission distance of 25 km or more.