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Addressable RGB/RGBW LED Pixel Ribbon

Working voltage: DC5V/12V
IC Type:SK6812RGB SK6812RGBW,WS2811/UCS1903
Emittin Color:Digital RGB/RGBW


FR4 Addressable RGB/RGBW LED Pixel Ribbon

1.SMD5050 as lighting sources

2.Working voltage: DC5V/12V

3.IC Type:SK6812RGB SK6812RGBW,WS2811/UCS1903

4.Emittin Color:Digital RGB/RGBW

5.Working temperature and Storage temperature:-20℃ - 60℃.

6.Environment humidity:40-70% RH

7.Installation: With 3M double-sided adhesive on the back, ultra-thin design

8.Working Lifetime(Hour):50000